Friday, February 26, 2010

This is a little about me….

I am a mother of two beautiful girls Joclyn 5 and Isabella 17 months. My husband Jeremy and I FINALLY got married August 8, 2009, after 7 years together and 2 kids later. I have always seemed to do things backwards, but hey it all works out.

Joclyn has an enormous passion for horses. She rides when ever she can at her grandparents house where her horses are. Joclyn can be loud and obnoxious, but at the same time caring and compassionate.

Isabella is the total opposite of her sister. Whatever Joclyn didn’t do when she was little, Isabella is doing. She likes to clean out drawers and cabinets. She love kitties and loves to snuggle.

Jeremy is the love of my life and my best friend. One of the things that we both love to do when we don’t have the girls is to go riding on his Yamaha Raider. Joclyn says she wants it when she gets older…..Well, I’m not to sure about that girlie! I freak out when Jeremy takes her for a ride around the yard.

We currently live in the small town of Cochranton (population of about 1,200) in Pennsylvania. If you like 4 wheeling, snowmobile riding, and horse back riding then this is the place for you, because there is not much else to do around here. I do love living here though. It’s quiet and peacefully beautiful. I love to sit and watch the snow flakes fall, to hear the sound of thunder and watch the mesmerizing lightning.

I have always been creative with all sorts of things. I knit, croquet, make jewelry, sew, and come up with all sorts of ideas. Just about everything that was in our wedding I made (jewelry, bouquets, table runners, invites, programs, calligraphy, etc.) I wanted to make the cake too, but my mom flipped at the idea. I love being creative!

I don’t dislike a lot of things except when it come to spiders and mosquitoes!

Right now I am working on knitting purses. I also hope to be ordering beads and such very soon, so I can start working on jewelry as well. I am planning on selling my items on, so wish me luck and continue to follow me here on my blog! I will be posting my progress, family life and any other things that may happen to fly my way, so look out!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogging world Carrie. There is an award for you on my blog. Just go and right click and save it. You can post it as a post or put it on your sidebar. But please read the instructions as you must pass it on. Lovely Blog can't wait to read more.