Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blog Makeover

Ok, well here it goes, my first official blog post! This is interesting typing with my almost 18 month old daughter on my lap drinking juice from her sippy cup.

I’ve been looking around at different blog sites for weeks trying to find different blog design ideas that I like. I’ve been getting frustrated at times, but in the midst of this I discovered the GREATEST GIVEAWAY EVER! I first stumbled onto the Tip Junkie

If you are looking for some great giveaways, hey this is one of the places to go! I found GREATEST GIVEAWAY EVER on Etsy It Up

Well, in order to solve my dilemma of a blog design I pray that I win a blog makeover!! That’s right I said a blog makeover!! This giveaway is by Shay at Dumplin Design Studio. Shay designs blog layouts as well as birth announcements, invitations, business cards, logo, etc! I would love to win, so I can give my blog a great jump start!

Anyone can enter at Etsy It Up. Good Luck!(but I hope I win!)


Xenia said...

Good luck! On the off chance that you don't win this one, I am going to be hosting a blog makeover giveaway at some point in April as well... but I think your blog looks pretty cute already! :)