Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Fun Challenge Hosted by Fun On A Dime

This is also another post that I would have loved to post sooner, if my camera was working.

A few weeks ago I came across the Fun On A Dime blog and she was doing a Summer Fun Challenge! The Challenge......To create something out of Popsicle sticks(craft sticks). So my girls and I set out on the challenge....Joclyn created a bird house, while Bella only being 21 months had fun coloring them and throwing them on the floor. I decided to go along with the "Bird" theme and made a bird feeder.

This is the bird house. I helped her to make the opening and the roof, but other than that she did the whole thing herself!

This is the back of the bird house.

The bird feeder. I made the top so that it is removable and also placed stick in an X shape on the inside to tie a string around them to hang it. Do you think the bird seed will fall out? Well, I lined the inside with more sticks that are vertical.

We had alot of fun making these on a rainy day. Their are so many things that you can make with sticks, just let your imagination take over!! Can you think of something fun to make out of sticks?