Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ravished by a Highlander by Paula Quinn


In 1685 at Saint Christopher's Abbey in Southern Scotland is where Davina Montgomery started a new chapter in her coveted life... Placed in hiding at her birth Davina has been protected by the Crown for reasons only her and the precious ones that she shares her life with. Until someone out finds her true identity and shatters her only world she knows, when a Highlander Robert (Rob) MacGregor snatches her up from sure death.

Davina now entrusts her life in Robs's hands. Not knowing her true identity and risking the very lively hood of his clan Rob feels this undeniable passion for her and will not let anyone harm her. Davina also feels this same passion with Rob, if only she could tell him her secret without him denying her.

This was an amazing book! When I started reading it I was hooked and had a hard time putting it down. First off I wanted to know Davina's secret and Paula Quinn doesn't reveal her true identity until about half way through the book. 'Twas a bit hard at first reading the Scottish dialog, but very soon I caught myself saying some of the jargon in everyday conversation "aye". There a few great shockers in this book, but I'm not telling.....

Mayhap ye will be picking up a copy fer ye self, aye?

I was given the opportunity to review this product because of my membership at The Product Review Place. I received this book Hachette Book Group and was not compensated in any way.


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