Wednesday, August 4, 2010

~Our Wedding~ Part I

Sunday will be our First Wedding Anniversary, although we have been together and married in our hearts for over 7 years. One of the biggest reasons that we held off on getting married was, Jeremy was in a car accident in 2000. Due to that accident he lost a few front teeth. The insurance companies could not decide who was at fault, thus resulting in him not being able to get his teeth fixed. He also did not have a lot of money at the time. So, long story short he said that we couldn't get married until he got his teeth fixed. In 2006 we were able to somewhat afford for him to get them fixed, costing about $12,000. We started planning the wedding in 2007 and scheduled it for October of 2008. My mom and I bought my dress in mid January, by the beginning of February I found out that I was pregnant with the second! I was due in September, which by no means was I going to be able to fit into my dress. August 8, 2009 was our new date and just about everything went as planned, but I would not have changed a thing! It was beautiful and one of the best days of my life.

For the next few days I am going to post some pictures of the wedding as well as some of the ceremony wording, because it is so beautiful. I am not traditional by any means, so here are a few things that we did. We had one Matron of Honor, one Best Man, and 1(grooms man, will explain in a but). The Matron of Honor & Best Man were husband and wife. We also had 3 flower girls:
  • Joc(Our daughter She was 5)
  • Baby Joc(the Matron of Honor & Best Man's daughter. She was 3)And yes the 2 have the same name just spelled different
  • Bell(Our daughter. She was 10 months)
Our ring bearer was Jare(the Matron of Honor & Best Man's son. He was about 9 months). In order for us to get all these kids down the isle we had the "Grooms Man" if you will, pull the 2 littlest one down in a wagon and kind of pushed the other two along in front of him.

Instead of having someone play the organ or piano I asked my grandmother's Mountain Dulcimer group to play for the wedding. It was beautiful. If you have not heard a dulcimer it sounds like a guitar and harp mix. The sound is so beautiful.

And yes we did do the traditional bouquet and garter toss, but we didn't leave the kids out! We also did a Teddy bear toss! So all the little ones went home with a teddy bear! I also made a cute table for the kids at the reception. I created coloring books for them along with crayons.

Well here is the greeting for the ceremony:

Greetings and good afternoon everyone, we have gathered here today to be part of a story. Some of you have been in the story for many years, some when the story first began; others have entered more recently and in time to be part of a most wonderful chapter. We arrive together in the story at the end of a chapter of great happiness, love, and friendship. Our friends, Jeremy and Carrie, have gathered us all as witnesses as they proclaim their love to the world, and we rejoice with them.

The oldest and most powerful force under the heavens is love, and yet love is always unique and new. Love expresses itself through patience and kindness, through truth and trust. It is never selfish or vain, never self-serving, but instead the foundation of hopes and dreams. Love gives freely of itself and asks no more than is offered freely in return.

Love is the light in our lives that kindles warmth in our hearts and our dreams, the warmth that nourishes the spirit and creates the spark of faith that brings the peace and blessings of the Lord of Light into our lives.

With open hearts we humbly welcome and invoke the blessings of the Lord of All Creation, even as we know that He is with us now, always and wherever two or more are gathered in the name of Love.