Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Do you have alot of cabinet space in your kitchen? Well, I sure as heck don't. In fact my kitchen is the original 1955 kitchen. The cabinets were even custom made to fit inside the kitchen. The kitchen itself is actually a good size, but not alot of cabinet space. Ever since we moved in here over 5 years ago I have longed to have a new kitchen, but other things just needed to be done first. So, I still await a new kitchen....and a dishwasher!

This Original SpiceStack Organizer would be great to make a bit of extra room in my cupboards. The funny part about this is that I just asked my hubby over the weekend if he could make something to put all my spices in. This would really help me to also get the cabinets organized! I don't know if some of you have noticed, but they are making a lot of veggie & soup cans, so that you cannot stack them anymore! I just love when I try and stack them and they end up falling on my toe! I actually swore at the dang stores for doing this. Anyway you can check out how you could win this Original SpiceStack Organizer over at Trying to Stay Calm!