Thursday, May 20, 2010


Last week I was contacted by Christine from the Don't Drink ____, Drink WAT-AAH campaign to do a review of their product. I was so thrilled because this is my first review and it is something that I truly believe in and support with a passion!

WAT-AAH is a company that was founded by Rose Cameron and her son Jack “to reverse children’s dependency on sodas and other sugary drinks and participate in the fight against the biggest health threat facing the country today…childhood obesity.” I myself hardly ever drink soda and needless to say my girls don’t get a lot of it either.

I received four of the different kinds of WAT-AAH the other day and as soon as my daughter Joclyn saw them she was jumping up and down with pure excitement. I read the labels to her: BODY, BRAIN, POWER, & ENERGY! Of course her favorite one was BRAIN, because it was blue(her favorite color). I asked her which one she wanted to try out first and she said ENERGY, "cuz I need some extra ENERGY mom." She drank some and then asked me if I wanted some more energy. I tried it and hey it's some great water! She took BRAIN to school in her lunch and she said that all the other kids loved it. When she brought the bottle home I noticed that the label wasn't on it, so I asked her what happened to it. "The girl on the bus really liked it and wanted it so we took it off and I gave it to her." I thought all right spread the word about WAT-AAH!!!

Here are a few facts about water:

Water helps to maintain healthy body weight by rising metabolism and regulating hunger.

Water leads to greater levels of energy. The most frequent cause of fatigue is essentially mild dehydration.

Soda, tea, and, coffee are almost completely made of water, but also contain caffeine. Caffeine acts as a slight diuretic, which inhibits water from reaching necessary locations in the body.

For some sufferers of joint and back pain water can considerably reduce these ailments.

The number one essential for the body’s survival is water. A person can only live about a week without water.

Water is absolutely essential to the human body’s survival. A person can live for about a month without food, but only about a week without water.

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Xenia said...

That's so cute that your daughter gave the label away because the other girl like it, what a sweetheart! This sounds like a great drink! :)