Friday, May 28, 2010

Montana Legacy By R.C. Ryan

They're the McCords...three rugged, sexy cowboy cousins who'll inherit the family range--if they seek the treasure hidden on it. But even more precious are the women who can tame their wild hearts...

The McCord ranch is set in the majesty of beautiful Montana with great detail. Jesse McCord is following in his grandfathers and past grandfathers foot steps, to find the buried treasure on the Lost Nugget ranch. Jesse's grandfather "Coot" whom the towns people name a "crazy old coot" for searching for the lost treasure falls prey to the supposed legendary curse of the McCord treasure.

Jesse is reunited with his long lost cousins Zane and Wyatt whom were all as close as brothers when they were younger, but not returning to the ranch after years has left Jesse resentful towards them. All the while Jesse has spent many years working hard to maintain the few hundred thousand acres on the Lost Nugget.

Being reunited with his cousins isn't the only one Jesse is reunited with.... Amy Parrish, Jesse's long ago girlfriend that left in the middle of a night without a word to him and suddenly shows up at his grandfathers funeral. Amy's father has a long and deep hatred for the McCord family and unfortunately he is fallen ill with sickness, that I assume is cancer, but is never really said what he is sick with. Also after years of being away Amy is now home for awhile to help her father and take care of their ranch.

Old Coot's will reads that all the land is to be split equally between the three cousins, only if they all assume the ranch life and continue the search for the lost treasure. If they decide that ranch life isn't for them they would receive half a million dollars. This makes Jesse furious knowing that his cousins didn't even have the courtesy to come back and visit.

Jesse and Amy slowly work their way back to each other, just as mysterious things start to happen to Amy. The three cousins also slowly sort things out between them and they band together to help find out what is going on at the Parrish ranch.

It's not one of my total favorites, but it is a good one and a fast read. One thing that kind of got to me about the book was that Amy's father is sick and that author doesn't tell you what he is sick with. R.C. Ryan did have me wondering who was behind what was happening to Amy though. Despite all the little flaws I did enjoy this book and it really kept me interested in it. Soon I will be posting a review on the story of Wyatt, next in the Montana Destiny series.