Monday, October 11, 2010

CSN Review

CSN stores is an amazing company that I am sure by now that many of you have heard of. They have over 200 online stores where you can find everything from  cheap bedroom furniture to yoga accessories! CSN was kind enough to send me some great yoga accessories for this Yoga Event! I received a Gaiam Yoga Essentials Block, Gaiam 8' D-Ring Organic Cotton Yoga Straps, Gaiam Damask Printed Yoga Mat Bag, & Gaiam YogaKids 1 for Ages 3-6 DVD.

The Gaiam Yoga Essentials Block is an excellent block for beginners as wells advanced people the love to do yoga!
Here are some of the features of this great block:

•Yoga essentials block
•Provides the stability needed for optimal alignment, deeper poses and increased strength
•Feel tight, don't risk injury
•Durable foam with a nonslip surface
•Available in the following colors: Purple, robin's egg
This block has really helped me with stretching! I have never been this flexible in my life.

 Gaiam 8' D-Ring Organic Cotton Yoga Straps

This strap has really come in handy with many poses, especially with Ardha matsyendrasan (Half Spinal Twist, advanced). I have been able to slowly bring my hands closer together, but still cannot quite get them together. This one will take alot of time to get, but this strap has really helped me to get closer.

Some of the Features:

•8' D-Ring organic cotton yoga strap
•Gaiam's durable 100% organic cotton webbing stretch strap is easy to thread and adjust thanks to its sturdy metal D ring
•8' strap available in natural only
•100% organic cotton webbing
•Helps you stretch and properly position your body in yoga poses
•Easy to thread and adjust

First of all I cannot tell you how much I love this bag! Being a sucker for Damask prints I saw this and I just had to have it! At first I was a little concerned if my mat would fit in this bag, but I was pleasantly surprised that it did!! There is actually plenty of room not only on the sides, but on the top when the mat is in the bag, just enough room for a change of clothes or a towel. Also to my surprise this bag features three more outside pockets! The larger pocket could holds my strap and towel, with more room to put stuff. I was also very surprised to find another pocket just for an ipod! It even has a little hole for your head phone cord to come out of. Another pocket has a zipper closure for any money that you may have.

Here are some other features to this great bag:
•Damask printed bag

•Drawstring closure
•Coordinating color and graphics help you to avoid bag mix-up at your studio
•100% cotton
•Shoulder strap
•Zippered pocket holds your keys or cell phone
•Printed damask design

I really want my girls to love and enjoy yoga as much as I do. Joc has always been trying to follow me with it and now Bella has also tried to follow me. In fact whenever I do practice when they are up, they are usually pushing me off the mat. They are trying to be like mommy and do what she does, so that is one of the biggest reasons for choosing this DVD, so that they can have their own yoga time.

This DVD is not only fun for the kids, but it is also a bit educational. Joc and Bella really have a great time with this DVD, when they aren't fighting for room on the mat. Note to self... will have to purchase another mat so they are not fighting over mine! Joc loves to do the whole thing through, but Bella, being only 2 it holds her attention for about 20-30 minutes. Bella is so funny trying to do the poses. Joc for the most part can do all of them well, *when she feels like it*. Mind you these two girls have some attitude! I have noticed that when they do practice this their attitudes are a little bit better than they were before they did the yoga.
Here are some Features:

•YogaKids DVD
•Features beloved instructor Marsha Wenig
•Taking cues from animals, trees and the nature of the world
•3 to 6 year-olds follow she guides creatively-adapted yoga basics set to playful original songs
•Building a sense of accomplishment with every pose
•Give children build physical fitness self-confidence challenge coordination and imagination
•20 basic yoga poses recreated for 3 to 6 year-olds
•Follow-the-leader approach with safe, expert instruction
•Activities to build coordination, confidence and imagination
•40 minutes DVD

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*I received these items for review purposes only and was not compensated for this post. This is my honest, simple opinion.


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