Friday, July 9, 2010


I was just blog hopping, and you never know where that is gonna take you. I came across The Maniacal Matron blog. I have been needing to loose some weight and just have not had the motivation to do it. Since our wedding last August 8th I have packed on some weight(about 30Ibs), but track back 2 years before that I was 125. Now I am only 5'4" so being 125 was about ideal, but having another baby and the emotional let down of not being able to work any longer has me up to 180 last time I checked!

Well, I think this is the motivation that I need and have been looking for! Scarlett Black from The Maniacal Matron has been participating in a weight loss campaign at  Mamavation! I am now Officially Pledging to become apart of the Mamavation™ Sistahood! It's pretty simple:
  •  Interact with others in the group on twitter
  • Create a Mamavation Monday post
  • Link up your Monday post on
  • Go to Mingle Media TV Network at 7pm PST/10pm EST
  • Email to let her know you are interested
Watch Lives Change

In giving this alot of thought I am going to be creating a new blog to track my progress and a place where I can also give support to all the other Sista's out there!

So, I need some help on a name for my blog!! Any ideas are welcome!!!


jennydecki said...

As a member of the Sistahood I'm thrilled for you that you've found us. We're funny, sincere, nice, and there are enough of us that even if some are annoying (not me, never me...heh heh) there are others that will fit your style.

I don't have any good name recommendations because I don't know how to check if domains in blogspot are taken. I just created a special category on my existing blog for my posts. Best of luck and please tweet to us when you've decided so we can follow you!